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          The cemetery is the burial place of one of the heroes of the Great War, still one of the youngest recipients of the VC...


Your wooden floors may also be deserving of a medal for long and faithful service, at least.  And for stoic long-suffering at worst, if shabbiness and marks have corrupted their once youthful good looks.


So ease your conscience by no longer putting up with this sad state of affairs.  A new look is a few days work away by a company with twenty plus years in the trade...


          The Manor Park Floor Sanding Specialists!


Whatever your kind of floors:

          from hardwood boards to parquet blocks -  

          we’ve restored hundreds in shops, the home, offices, schools and libraries.

          And no matter how old or dismal their condition.


   Allow us to provide the complete service:

          repair and replacement of damaged boards and blocks

          sanding away old paint and sealant

          staining the bare wood for a fresh look

          resealing with natural oil, hard wax or lacquer.


All completed to the highest standards of workmanship:

          with top quality materials for a finish to last and stay looking beautiful.


And with minimal mess and disruption:


        a clean efficient job with 99% dust free sanding.


          For the best advice


                     ask us for your FREE assessment today.


The best choice - the Manor Park Floor Sanding Company!

Leyton born, boy first class Jack Cornwell found himself on board the light cruiser, HMS Chester in May 1916 - manning a gun at the Battle of Jutland..


His comrades killed or wounded, and mortally wounded himself, this gallant sixteen year old stayed at this post to the end of the battle.  He was taken to hospital in Grimsby where he died two days later.  


Awarded a posthumous VC, his funeral oration was given by the First Lord of the Admiralty.  His portrait was hung in thousands of schools and the scouts (of which he’d been one) named their badge for highest fortitude after him.  


He has a plaque in Leyton Church and appeared on a set of stamps commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Victoria Cross in 2006.


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Manor Park Floor Sanding


With over 26 years of sanding knowledge, we're dedicated to making sure that your wooden floors always get the best  restoration service there is.

Hidden treasures: tips on rescuing and refinishing a hardwood floor

If you've ripped up some old flooring to discover what might just be a beautiful hardwood oak floor, then you'll need to do some in-depth preparation to reveal its true beauty. Once you've scraped up any old adhesive, prized off the skirting boards, countersunk any protruding nails and swathed any light switches, light fittings, shelves and doors in plastic sheeting, you can start to think about sanding your floor.


Practice makes perfect


If you've never used a sander before, then you'll want to have a practice run before you start. Use a piece of plywood until

you're absolutely comfortable using the sander and always hire a dust free sanding machine to minimise clean up. When

you feel you're ready to tackle your hardwood floor, proceed as follows:


• Work on small sections, sanding in the direction of the wood grain.

• Keep the sander moving at all times so you don't wear grooves or dents in the floor.

• When you're ready to move on to the next row, always overlap by one plank for the best finish.

• Don't force the sander along, just guide it as it does the work.

• Change the dust collection bag and the sandpaper frequently for the best effect.

• Never skip a grade of sandpaper but make sure you work through all the recommended grits from coarsest to finest.


Get the edges right


You'll need a separate edging sander for this job and to avoid gouging you'll use a semi circular motion as you move around the perimeter of the walls. For hard to reach corners, use a razor sharp hand scraper and fine grit sandpaper to take off the finish back to the bare wood.



                                                       The big clean up


                                                       It's vital that you get all the dust out of the room before you start to finish the wood.

                                                       An industrial vacuum cleaner works best, and you'll need to frequently change the filter for optimum results.

                                                       Vacuum after every sandpaper grit to really minimise the dust.



The big reveal


Whatever stain, sealant or varnish you use when you're refinishing wood flooring, you should start by cutting in at the edges with a brush and then use a lambswool applicator for the perfect finish. Allow sealant to dry fully - usually 24 hours - then buff, vacuum and apply a second coat. Getting it right is hard work, but worth it to reveal the hidden treasure of a hardwood floor.

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